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Finding Time

I never have time to blog.  There are all kinds of things I want to blog about, I can just never find the time.  Right now my baby is climbing all over me wanting to nurse, oh well, that’s more important anyway.


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Counting The Little Things

I’m 7 weeks into life with three children and as much as I knew I was in for a hard transition, I wasn’t ready for it.  Some things are going really well.  The older ones adore the baby and have not taken out any jealousy or frustrations on her, thank goodness.  I am not nearly as tired as I remember being when the other two were newborns.  My hard work seems to be paying off in the breastfeeding department, and as stressful as it is, at least this baby doesn’t vomit on me numerous times a day like the other two did due to formula sensitivities.

I wasn’t prepared for how fast I would lose my temper at my sweet children who behave like children do when they are cooped up all day and their parents are so busy doing damage control and going crazy with the messy house and unbalanced checkbook and empty refrigerator, etc.  They are hungry and tired and needing attention, but they don’t know how to tell us that so they yell and scream and cry and make messes and refuse to do as they are told and get hurt doing things they shouldn’t, so we yell and punish inconsistently and threaten and overlook the good things they do.  (I’ll ignore my run on sentences here.)

So, looking on the positive side, I wanted to record the things I got done today.  I was pretty pleased with myself for getting a few things done.  And pleased with the baby for taking a couple good naps without being held.

  • Unloaded the dryer
  • Started a new load of laundry
  • Folded 1 1/2 loads of clean laundry
  • Unloaded the dishwasher
  • Loaded the dishwasher
  • Cleaned the table
  • Tried using alcohol to clean crayon off the blinds
  • Tried using nail polish remover to clean crayon off the blinds
  • Tried using each of the household cleansers to clean crayon off the blinds
  • Opened the blinds to hide the crayon
  • Washed the dishes
  • Cleaned footprints off the counter
  • Wiped pee off the floor in the living room
  • Wiped pee off the floor in the kitchen
  • Made dinner
  • Took the kids on a 5 minute walk


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“Go Potty!”

I found something that helps me not have to remind my four year old to use the potty.  We started a sticker chart to encourage better behavior and cooperation.  I decided to add a section for going potty without being told.  We talked about it the day before and I said we would start the next day.  When she woke up the next morning, she used the bathroom before she even came to our room.  Today was the third day and I have not had to remind her to go, except right before we left the house.  It is so much nicer than the constant fight about it and dealing with accidents in the bathroom that come from waiting until the last second.  I’m grateful for positive reinforcement!

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Importance of Service

There are about a million reasons why service is important, and I don’t want to overlook any of them, but I’m just going to mention one in this post.

Somehow, when I extend myself beyond my comfort zone to do something for someone else, I am always blessed in my own life.  Things fall into place and my problems seem to fade away.  When Hy was learning to sleep on his own, I really felt like I needed to find a way to serve.  A friend was having surgery, so I volunteered to go to her house all day to watch her kids.  This seemed like the opposite of what would help my baby take good naps, but we made it work.  After a very long day, we went home and at bedtime, Hy went right to sleep.  The next day he took 2 great naps.  It was not my doing, it was the answer to my prayers.  I know that gift was given to me because I was willing to help someone in need.

Don’t ever forget that service makes life better even when it doesn’t make sense.

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Make Good Times Count

Remember that when there is a behavior problem, a lot can be solved by the quality of the time spent with the child when they’re being good.  Structure and routine can do so much to lessen other issues that arise.  I’ve noticed that my kids have fewer meltdowns and tantrums and just general rudeness when we are more structured and they are getting positive attention throughout the day.  It is also helpful if we don’t blow things out of proportion.  We need to be willing to forgive them and move on if we want them to be able to do the same.  If we have a bad morning, we can address the issues and then hug and remind our children that we love them.  Then we can change the activity to suit the needs of the children.  If they need to get out of the house, go on a drive, take a walk, play a game outside.  If they need some down time, read with them, play a game, or let them play alone for a while.  I love being a stay at home mom because it allows me to build my routines around my children.  I can often fix a problem before it gets too bad just by being here.

The same can be true for sleep and eating issues.  When Hy was fighting sleeping in his crib, we decided to focus on our daytime routine first.  (Having meals and snacks around the same time each day was the main thing we did.)  Then we formed a plan for putting him in his crib at night while we sat on the floor (not looking at him or talking to him) until he fell asleep, moving closer to the door each night.  After a few nights we put him down for naps in his bed the same way.  It worked pretty well, and when he did cry, it didn’t last long.  I know that it wouldn’t have gone as smoothly if we hadn’t focused on the daytime structure.

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Potty Training

Note to self:  When it’s time to potty train again, and it will be soon, don’t make it too big of a deal.  Don’t talk about it all the time, and get crazy about your child’s bowel and bladder functions.  Teach your children through your attitude that going to the bathroom is no big deal, it’s just a part of every day life.  It’s not your body, so maintain respect for your child’s privacy and need to master control of his own body.

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